Log Program


Stratospheric Flight Log  v.1 5

The Stratomaster Flight Log program can be used for the extraction and viewing of all your flight data from one of the following instruments: -Stratomaster Flight -Stratomaster Extreme -Stratomaster Ultra (all types).

EZChangeLog  v.1 7

Every developer needs to be able to log program changes quickly and easily, then generate a Version History for documentation or a website. You can create an unlimited number of projects and enter an unlimited number of ChangeLog entries per project.


RYLogit  v.

RYLogit is an amateur Radio Log Program made for general purpose and contesting. Features: - Scoring function for the IBM QSO Party with unique export format.

PhpHamLog  v.2.0

Amateur radio log program written in PHP.

Computer Power Log  v.1 1

Computer Power Log - Track Your Computer Electricity Usage Computer Power Log will monitor your computer usage and calculate your total cost in electricity over time.

Scubase  v.4 18

Scubase is a unique professional dive log software that goes way beyond simply recording dive data and printing a dive log.

Swisslog  v.5. 8. 2001

Swisslog for Windows is a sophisticated logging program for Amateur Radio.

Nutec Eventlog for BlackBerry Tour  v.

View events in the BlackBerry Tour system event log, including system errors, system warnings, system information, and application debug information.

Win1010  v.3 4

The Win1010 Suite is actually four programs in one EXE Program File and is sold as two packages: Package One is the Contest Program and Package Two is the County Hunter and Certificate Chaser Program.

Money Discoverer  v.2.62

Money Discoverer is a software designed for personal finance or home economy accounting. It has a beautiful and intuitively understandable interface. Here is the list of the possibilities provided by the software: Incomes, expenses,

BC Program Support Log

BC Program Support Log is a web enabled incident, issue, risk, discussion, change management and Quality Control System for SMEs and fortune 1000 companies. Install in 10 seconds. Features include; Intuitive UI, ASP Web based, Multi distributed teams,

Log Analyzer

Log Analyzer is a professional log file analysis and spider visits tracking tool. It allows you to find out exactly what you need to know about your Web site statistics. The program analyzes Web server log files and presents site statistics in

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